The “STRENGTHBODYBUILDING.COM” program is a complete system for learning how to add size and strength quickly and safely- without the need for any harmful drugs or expensive supplements. You’ll learn about specific exercises, rep ranges, training cycles, dieting, supplementation, and more with this course.

Most of the concepts use the idea of minimalization in mind, which means expensive machines or radical diets are not necessary. We’ve found that the best results are usually obtained using the simplest means. If you have access to a basic gym set up (or at least a barbell, a bench, and a rack for your weights) and simple but wholesome food, you should be able to benefit fully from this program.

While the program itself centers around a main 8 week cycle phase, there are instructions for a beginner phase and for other types of training as well. Each individual workout averages between 25 to 45 minutes in length.

Though your ultimate size and strength will depend on factors like genetics and general health; you will learn how to maximize your gains using the “STRENGTHBODYBUILDING.COM” by learning optimizing your dieting strategies, training, supplement use/timing, and rest & growth phase. You can gain 1-2 pounds per week or more while learning to keep your body fat at reasonable level. This is normally something that is not too easy to do when you’re in a bulk/weight gain phase, but we’ll show you how to go about doing just that- every step of the way!

No- this routine can be used by women as well who are seeking to enhance their size and strength.

For health and strength reasons, it would be best if one is well into puberty before beginning on this course. For one, hormone output in prepubescent trainees are usually not sufficient to allow for maximum gains in size and strength. The bones and other tissues of youngsters are often not ready for extremely heavy training either.

A modified version of this routine incorporating higher reps or calisthenics would be acceptable. Above all, any type of training for children should be FUN! This is very important if a parent hopes to instill a love for physical training to their offspring.

Steroids, HGH, and the like can allow one to make gains even if their training is substandard and their diet sloppy. That being said, the principle outlined in “STRENGTHBODYBUILDING.COM” can help you to maximize your gains if you are training using anabolic assistance. That is as far as we will go in discussing that matter, and any additional training advice regarding drug use should be referred to your physician.

NO- your one time charge will allow you access to all of the features of the “STRENGTHBODYBUILDING.COM” course, bonuses, additions, and updates for the life of the site!

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